Construction Progress

Construction Progress Shoots:

Generally flown monthly, biweekly, sometimes quarterly, per your request.

Shots are normally obliques (as shown to the left) but verticals and combinations of obliques and verticals are available.


What are Construction Progess Shots good for ?

1. Progress shots are used to review and track construction progress.
Images can be sent out to replica watches sale partners, lenders, new tenants or building purchasers, contractors working on the project, as well as
Senior level management, the Construction Services team and the Investment Properties team. They keep each department updated on the progress of the project, whether it be someone in accounting, property management, development, tax or legal departments.

2. The images can be used in marketing presentations to show how quality projects are rolex replica uk constructed, with "speed to market" and specific due
dates as required. Images can be used in Power Point to demonstrate this to a new prospect, partner, investor, or new city where developments are planned.


3.An oblique aerial image, using modern imaging technology, can have the buildings added in 3D onto it to market the project and its advantages.

4. Aerials can also be used for educational purposes when arriving in a new community/market of the US that does not know the construction company very well.
Project images are useful to rolex replica sale educate and update other company divisions and offices of news in company wide and other staff meetings.

5. Construction Services can use the images in their monthly

6. Vertical aerials are useful for the background of the Master
Development Plan, which can also be placed in the construction marketing project brochures.

7. Verticals can be used to help assess Flood Plain issues (picture to the left show the Purgatory Creek area just to the north of the industrial site)

8. Verticals show the current status of local roads and accesses to the property.

9. Verticals are used to assess and document pre-excavation, excavation, pre-pour and post-pour of concrete slab areas.

Addittional Items:

1) Construction progress photos will be date-stamped unless requested otherwise.

2) Your company logo and/or contact information for the project can be added to any photo per request.

Delivery Methods:

Prints. Sized as desired. Mounting, lamination, framing if desired.

I can ship all direct to your office, or drop ship selected prints/files as requested to other locations.