Accidents, Fires, Insurance

Stuff happens - been there, done that. I know. From the air, there's a different perspective where you can get a good overall view of what's happened.

Fires and floods are the most obvious issues for most of us. Sometimes it's hurricanes and tornadoes. Could even be terrorist rolex replica sale activity.

For accidents on the road, if it snarls up things up long enough, I may be able to get there before it's all cleaned up. On rare occasions, I can get there while the accident vehicles are on site. In general, though, for accident investigations, a picture or several of the intersection or area where it occurred will panerai replica sale help. These area pictures can be either oblique or vertical (see examples below).

Floods and flood damage remain for a while. If the weather allows, I can get pictures of the damage done during flooding, or at least shortly thereafter.

Hurricane and tornado pictures - I don't do 'during' for these events. However, I will do 'after' pictures. It's also possible that somewhere in my replica watches sale stock collections, I may even have 'before' pictures. If your property is in an 'at risk' area, it may well pay to get get those shots before a predicted disaster strikes!


Rollover accident on Hwy 1431 just east of Marble Falls
Flooding on the Guadalupe River - those houses weren't there before the flood, they just got caught up in the trees on their way downriver.
Grass Fire Damage in Caldwell County
Fire in Kyle, just east of I-35
True vertical of an intersection - Hwy 281 meets Hwy 32 south of Blanco - works for showing plan views of an accident site
Intersection of Hwy 21 and Hwy 32, 'The Junction', near Wimberley