Vertical Photography Information

Vertical Aerial photography requires a specially modified aircraft, such as Winged Eye, LLC uses. The aircraft is modified by addition of a belly hole to allow the camera to point straight down through the bottom of the aircraft.

The camera is mounted in a custom-made mount that allows the photographer full control of the camera while in flight.

Vertical shots can be a single shots of a particular area, a line of shots stitched together for one long picture, or several lines of pictures put together for one large picture.

GIS, GPS Tagging and Geo-Correction:

Vertical pictures are automatically geo-tagged by a GPS unit connected directly to the camera. Using this information, ground-control points from the USGS DOQ (Digital Ortho-Quadrangle) and GeoMapper™ software, the vertical pictures can be sized, scaled and saved as GeoTIFF images. This ground-control correction is referred to as Geo-Correction. It will work in most GIS software packages.

Picture Resolution - How much can I see ?

Resolution of vertical pictures is measured in either Feet/Pixel or Inches/Pixel. The resolution available depends primarily on the altitude above ground level (AGL) of the camera. The amount of area covered by each picture is also primarily dependent on altitude above ground level.
5,000' AGL: Picture width 0.6 miles (3,353'), picture height 0.44 miles (2,307'), resolution of 0.64 ft/pixel (7.7 inches/pixel).
10,000' AGL: Picture width 1.3 miles (6,706'), picture height 0.87 miles (4,613') resolution of 2.5ft/pixel (30.6 in/pixel).

To obtain the best resolutions requires lower altitudes. If the picture required doesn't fit the camera/altitude capabilities, then multiple pictures of the area are needed. Those several pictures will then be stitched together to form the single larger picture.

Limestone Quarry in Wise County, from 10,000' AGL Full-resolution inset of Limestone Quarry
Limestone Quarry in Wise County
Commerical zone in San Marcos, 4,500' AGL Full resolution inset of Commercial Zone
4 Stiched photos (Mosaic) of South San Marcos along I-35, 8,500' AGL